About Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan

Experience in Infectious diseases/ Activities in the field of interest

  • Preceptor, Fellowship in HIV Medicine, a 1 year training programme conducted by Medicine I & Infectious Diseases Training & Research Institute, CMC, Vellore
  • Preceptor, NACO training programmes for ART medical officers in HIV medicine, Medicine I & IDTRC, CMC, Vellore
  • Preceptor, NACO training programmes for Specialists in HIV medicine, Medicine I & IDTRC, CMC, Vellore.
  • Preceptor, HIV Counselors training programmes, Department of Psychiatry, CMC, Vellore
  • Preceptor, Key persons training programmes, Hemophiliac Society, Department of Hematology, CMC, Vellore.
  • Preceptor, Training programmes for doctors in HIV medicine for third world countries, Course for training doctors from Western world to work in AIDS prevalent areas of Africa & Asia, Medicine I & IDTRC, CMC, Vellore.
  • Preceptor, Training programme for executives from Pharmaceutical industries on Antibiotics, Medicine I & IDTRC, CMC, Vellore.
  • Preceptor, Fellowship in HIV medicine, I-TECH, Government TB Hospital, Tambaram
  • Key person & Course coordinator, FHI- AVAHAN (Bill & Melinda Gates foundation) training programme for resource building in HIV medicine, CMC, Vellore
  • Guest speaker- Epidemiology of VAPIDSI, Chennai chapter, Nov 2008.
  • Preceptor, AIM 2009- An interactive session on HAART, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai.
  • Preceptor, Infection control- Hand washing and isolation, CME, Frontier Lifeline Hospitals, Chennai
  • Expert panelist, Control of HIV/ AIDS, Sun Television, Tamil Nadu
  • Preceptor, Pregnancy and TB- OGSSI, Institute of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Chennai
  • Preceptor, Infections in reproductive medicine, MMM, Chennai
  • Expert Panelist, Infections in the community, Captain Televison, Tamil Nadu
  • Preceptor, Emerging & Re-emerging infections, AIM 2011, SRMC, Chennai
  • Preceptor, Approach to an immuno-compromised child with fever, Institute of Child Health, Chennai
  • Preceptor, Antibiotic use in general practice, CME, Mehta Hospitals, Chennai
  • Preceptor, Approach to gram positive infections, CME, Railways Hospitals, Chennai
  • Expert panelist, Managing fevers at home, Moon Television, Middle East.
  • Preceptor, Commonly missed tropical infections and Approach to fever with altered sensorium, AIDC, Chennai
  • Expert Opinion, Preventing infections in rainy season, NDTV News, India
  • Preceptor, Management of an outbreak- Prevention of Infection, Workshop, Mehta hospitals, Chennai
  • Preceptor, TORC infections, 12th international IRM conference, MMM Hospitals, Chennai
  • Preceptor, Neuro and respiratory infections in PLHA, CIDSCON 2012, Chennai
  • Panelist, Viral Infections and pregnancy, 13th international IRM conference, MMM Hospitals, Chennai
  • Chief Guest and Key note address, World HIV day celebration, DAV public school, Chennai
  • Preceptor, Infections in pregnancy, MEDICME 2014, Madurai Medical College, Madurai
  • Preceptor, Infection prevention for general population, Health awareness week, NOKIA, Chengalpet
  • Preceptor, Seasonal fevers, ITC group of company, Chennai
  • Preceptor and Quiz master, Infections and Tropical neurology, TROPICON 2014, Chennai
  • Expert panelist, Control of seasonal fevers, Kalaignar Televison, 2014, Tamil Nadu
  • Preceptor, Seasonal fevers, Indian Medical Association CME, 2014, Chennai
  • Expert Panelist, Adequacy of prevention and treatment of swine flu by the health authorities- a debate. Talk show on Kalaignar Television, May 2015, Tamil Nadu
  • Preceptor, Fever with altered sensorium, Diarrhoea- How to plug the flow? AICD,June 2015, Chennai
  • Expert Panelist, Management of viral Infections during pregnancy (Herpes,Hepatitis B & Chicken Pox), July 2015, OGSSI, Chennai.
  • Preceptor, Current management of Human immunodeficiency virus in pregnancy. What is new? Management dilemmas in the developing countries. 15th international IRM conference, MMM Hospitals, Aug 2015 Chennai
  • Preceptor, Fever Post floods, Health talk, Corporate Offices Dec 2015- Jan 2016
  • Preceptor, Approach to fever, IMA Thiruvallur, Jan 2016
  • Preceptor, Tropical fevers, IMA Pondicherry, Jan 2016
  • Preceptor, Zika virus infection in pregnancy, OGSSI, Feb 2016
  • Preceptor, Treatment of HIV infections, IMA Kodambakkam, Feb 2016
  • Preceptor, MDR Tuberculosis, World TB day celebrations, ESI Medical College,March 2016
  • Preceptor, Tropical fevers, IMA Villivakkam, June 2016
  • Preceptor, PID in Indian Scenario. How not to miss tuberculosis? OGSSI midyearconference, June 2016
  • Preceptor, Infections in pregnancy and puerperium, AIDC, June 2016
  • Preceptor, Management of infected wound- ID physicians perspective, 4 thA�Chennai Advanced Wound Care Conference, June 2016
  • Preceptor, Antibiotic usage in hospital setup, Hindu Medical Mission CME onA�Antibiotic stewardship, July 2016
  • Key note address, Viral Hepatitis, World hepatitis day, Mehta hospitals, July 2016
  • Preceptor, Preventive approach towards infection in cardiac surgical patients, 1st National CSCC, MMM Hospitals, Nov 2016
  • Preceptor, H1N1 in pregnancy: should we be alarmed? PROGRESS June 2017, Chennai
  • Preceptor, The gut and the liver in ID, AIDC June 2017, Chennai
  • Course Coordinator, Workshop on antibiotics for General Practioners, BRIDGE July 2017, IIT Campus Chennai
  • Chief Guest and Keynote address, HIV- Do we need to panic? RRC Inauguration. Ethiraj College, Aug 2017, Chennai
  • Preceptor, Parturient in shock-what options do we have? CRITICARE Sep 2017, Puducherry


Senior Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Department of Infectious Diseases Apollo Hospitals (current)
Senior Consultant and Head of Infection control, Department of Infectious Diseases SIMS Hospitals (current)
Senior Consultant, Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Cloud nine hospitals (current)
Visiting Consultant, Infectious Disease Kumaran Hospitals, Ayesha Hospitals, Medway Hospitals (current)
Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine Sri Ramachandra University
Research Associate, Medicine I & IDTRC Christian Medical College Hospital
Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine Rajiv Gandhi Medical College & RI
Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine Sri Ramachandra University
Lecturer, Department of Internal Medicine Unit I and Infectious Diseases Christian Medical College Hospital
Post Graduate Trainee, Institute of Internal Medicine Government General Hospital
Resident, Dr. K.P. Misra’s Cardiology Outpatient Clinic Apollo Hospitals
Senior House Officer (First year DNB- Medicine) Apollo Hospitals
Compulsory Rotatory Resident Internship Government Stanley Medical College Hospital